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Top 4 Subscription Boxes that Give Back

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subscription boxes that give back


Over the past couple of years, I have become intrigued with subscription boxes. Initially, the idea of receiving items for a flat rate took some time getting used to, especially when I don’t know what the exact items are. But over time, I have truly come to appreciate subscription boxes and the variety of industries that subscription boxes can be found in, from beauty to clothes to food.


In the past, I have subscribed to Julep (thanks to my nail care obsession) and Graze (low-calorie, vegan, dairy-free snacks? Say no more!). I really enjoyed those boxes and had been on the lookout for more boxes to subscribe to. However, it being the holiday season, I was even more in the mood to make sure that me spending money would not only benefit me but also benefit someone or something else.


This led me to a search to see if there were any charitable subscription boxes where proceeds go to amazing causes. To my surprise, I found many boxes that donate to causes. I chose to subscribe to 4 subscription boxes whose causes I aligned with the most.



The first box I tried was GlobeIn. This service curates a monthly box featuring handmade items from artisans around the world. My appreciation for handmade and handcrafted items has grown over the years, so this was definitely a box I could stand behind, especially when I’m learning about entrepreneurs from around the world.


GlobeIn has different membership levels (1 month, 3 months, etc.) all starting at $10.00/month and an artisan shop where you can make separate purchases of artisan boxes and other items. The money you pay for a subscription can be used toward curated boxes and other items from their artisan shop. I chose to pay month-by-month, allowing me to browse the shop and pick out the items I wanted, including a journal and ethically traded coconut lip balm.


globein box artisans



GlobeIn provides opportunity and a global audience to entrepreneurs around the world. They are also a member of the Fair Trade Federation, meaning they are committed to fair wages, safe working conditions and economic growth to all. Receiving these handcrafted items supports artisans across the globe.



I am all about nails (hence my first ever subscription being from Julep) and was delighted to find another nail polish subscription box in SquareHue. But not only that, SquareHue donates a portion of every order to a cause, and their current focus is human trafficking. So knowing that me simply buying nail polish would benefit an organization fighting human trafficking made SquareHue that much more appealing.


squarehue box nail polish


Another amazing aspect of SquareHue is their beautiful nail collections. They’re priced at $18.00 (for 2 polishes) and $25.00 (for 3 polishes) but I was rewarded with a 15% off coupon code upon subscribing to their mailing list (and I love a coupon!). I purchased The Adventure Collection: Museum Hop Paris, which included Louvre, a gray matte, and Pompidou, a brown-colored holographic polish. By the way, how cute is that theme and the accompanying names!?


squarehue nail polish louvre pompidou



SquareHue currently promotes The A21 Campaign which fights against slavery through intervention and aftercare services for survivors. I also found out that out of their two offices in the U.S. (they have 12 worldwide), one is located in my city. Learning about this organization and what they are doing throughout the world and in my local community is inspiring and an added benefit to supporting two organizations at once.



Benevolent Beauty Box (BBB) is the first beauty subscription box I have tried (not including nail care boxes). I always stayed away from beauty boxes because I thought it was too much of a gamble. Makeup is a tricky thing as is, but throw in the concept of receiving products you can’t see or try before purchasing? It’s kind of scary. However, I still decided to give BBB a try because all the products they ship out are cruelty-free.


benevolent beauty box


What put my mind at ease is the profile survey I had to take before purchasing. I had to select my skin tone, eye color, preferred color palette and more – this gave me hope that I would not receive products that were the complete opposite of what would “work” for me. Once you complete your profile, you can choose between 3 membership options of month-to-month, 3 months and 6 months. I chose the month-to-month subscription for $29.95. Upon signing up, I was rewarded with a 15% discount (again, I love a coupon!).


When I received my December VIP box, I was shocked in the most positive way. For one, the items were full-sized and exactly the type of products I would normally buy, from the maroon-colored lipstick to the face oil to the nude eyeshadow palette. Not only that, but the total retail cost of the items came out to be $117.00! That’s almost four times more than what I paid for!


benevolent beauty box



Their mission is to raise awareness of animal testing and they donate a portion of proceeds to organizations that fight against animal testing and cruelty. All of the brands included in the BBB state on their own websites their commitment to cruelty-free products and some further that commitment by donating their own proceeds to organizations that fight against animal testing.



MissionCute is a unique subscription box because of their mission is to raise awareness of non-profit organizations. They have supported over 35 non-profit organizations whose causes fight against hunger, homelessness, child abuse and more.


missioncute favorites box


MissionCute has boxes that range from $12.00 to $44.00. To get an idea of what Mission Cute has shipped out in the past, I opted to get the MissionCute Favorites Box for $29.99. MissionCute is true to its name because all the items I received were super cute and were things I could use daily, ie. a hat, lip balm, jewelry, etc.


missioncute favorites box



MissionCute doesn’t support one cause, instead, they support the causes of many non-profit organizations. They have given back to non-profits such as A Child’s Place, Project Yesu, RAINN and more. Whether you lean more toward one cause over another, MissionCute allows you to make purchases that benefit an array of organizations.


Whether you directly volunteer for an organization or support a business that donates to a cause, giving back is so rewarding. What are some direct and indirect ways you give back? Leave a comment below!

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  • I’ve never heard of any of these subscription boxes before, but I will definitely look into them more. I, especially, love some of the causes that they may support.

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